LocalStack has joined AWS Marketplace to streamline local cloud development & testing!

Announcing the availability of LocalStack's Cloud Emulator to facilitate local cloud development and team collaboration in the AWS Marketplace.

We are excited to announce that LocalStack is now available in the AWS Marketplace. LocalStack is the leading platform for local development and testing of cloud applications. LocalStack’s Cloud Emulator allows you to effectively run over 80 AWS services directly on your local machine and on CI/CD systems to significantly cut down on development time and feedback cycles. At its core, LocalStack provides a growing ecosystem of native integrations that encompasses crucial components such as CI/CD providers, application development frameworks, programming language SDKs, Infrastructure-as-Code tools, and more.

Our mission is to give developers back control over their environments and free them from wasting time with inefficient dev & test loops in the cloud, so they can instead focus on developing great products to solve the world’s problems. This milestone holds significant value for our users as it grants developer teams the freedom to leverage their AWS budget effectively while harnessing the capabilities of LocalStack’s emulation features. This synergy with diverse cloud developer tools has the potential to revolutionize the way developers build, test and deploy their AWS-powered applications today!

Leveraging LocalStack through AWS Marketplace

“We are thrilled to introduce our users to a streamlined and user-friendly subscription option for LocalStack via the AWS Marketplace. As our customers already maintain a robust business relationship with AWS, they can effortlessly acquire our software through the Marketplace, alleviating any protracted internal procurement procedures. This makes LocalStack a seamless addition to their existing AWS billing structure!”

Gerta Sheganaku,

Chief Operating Officer at LocalStack

Through LocalStack’s AWS Marketplace integration, you will get access to our core emulation layer that offers advanced support for extended AWS services and features, along with team collaboration features through the LocalStack Team edition.

The LocalStack Team edition delivers a range of features aimed at enhancing your cloud productivity while seamlessly aligning with your existing workflows. These features are designed to reduce friction and adapt as your infrastructure & workflows scale, with:

  • Cloud Pods: Store a persistent snapshot of your LocalStack instance in the Web Application and inject Cloud Pods from your team members into your LocalStack instance for collaborative debugging.
  • Stack Insights: Access AWS usage telemetry, including service invocations, the user agent and the particular service during a specific LocalStack spin-up to enable deep debugging within your team.
  • LocalStack in CI: Spin up LocalStack in your CI pipelines to run tests before pushing out changes to production or to create ephemeral environments to showcase your changes with LocalStack.
  • LocalStack Extensions: Extend and customise LocalStack to integrate custom service emulators, such as Cloudflare & Stripe, into your LocalStack instance to enable your team go beyond AWS.

With LocalStack now available in the AWS Marketplace, you can leverage a streamlined procurement to get easy access to our cloud development platform.

Subscribing to LocalStack on the AWS Marketplace

To launch LocalStack with AWS Marketplace, you can follow the steps below:

  • Go to AWS Marketplace Subscriptions in the AWS Console and locate LocalStack under Discover Products. Image of AWS Console showing the LocalStack Cloud Emulator product
  • Review the terms, select the desired number of seats, contract renewal strategy, and accept the contract. Accepting the contract will initiate a Marketplace subscription.
  • Once the contract is accepted, you’ll be prompted to finalize the order by clicking a button. You’ll then be directed to the LocalStack Web Application, where you need to authenticate by signing in or signing up. Image of LocalStack Web Application showing a subscribe button which can be clicked after signing-in to the application
  • Upon successful authentication on the LocalStack Web Application, you’ll be automatically returned to the previous page. At this point, an additional button will be visible, allowing you to finalize the subscription. Image of LocalStack Web Application showing a subscribe button which allows you to complete the subscription
  • Click the button to establish a connection between your LocalStack organization and the AWS Marketplace Customer. This will redirect you to the subscription page, where a banner appears next to existing subscriptions, with the AWS Marketplace subscription becoming visible within a few minutes. Image of LocalStack Web Application showing a box which mentions that the synchronization is in progress and may take a few minutes

Note that subscriptions cannot be modified or canceled within the LocalStack Web Application. Any changes such as upgrades, downgrades, or cancellations should be managed through the AWS Marketplace. You can make subscription adjustments by navigating to Modify Current Contract or Modify Renewal Terms on the AWS Marketplace.

Next Steps

In the era of rapid digital transformation, organizations embrace DevOps for agile software delivery, yet struggle with deployment delays, security issues, and cost management. Overcoming these challenges requires efficiency and agility to streamline development & testing cycles and maximize the impact of DevOps practices.

LocalStack enables local cloud sandboxes, aiding developers and cutting down inefficient dev&test loops in software workflows. LocalStack’s listing in the AWS Marketplace is a step towards making local cloud sandboxes for development & testing easily accessible to AWS customers.

To find out more about LocalStack, visit localstack.cloud, or follow us on Twitter/X @localstack.

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