Introducing LocalStack Cockpit

Building on LocalStack with the power of a GUI application just got easier! LocalStack is proud to release LocalStack Cockpit, a fully-integrated desktop client for our users who would like to use LocalStack for a highly efficient, fully local dev&test loop for cloud development.

The new LocalStack Cockpit is now available. LocalStack Cockpit is a fully-integrated desktop experience for our LocalStack users. It allows our users to control, access, and manage LocalStack with a click of a button. No matter if you are a seasoned LocalStack user or just starting up to use LocalStack, Cockpit helps you use LocalStack more effectively!

Getting started

You can now download the LocalStack Cockpit from our website by signing up for our v0.1.0 preview release. You can choose the platform you would like to try LocalStack Cockpit on and enter the email address so that we can send you the download link. After downloading LocalStack Cockpit, you can get started with running it on your machine and increase your development productivity.

Here are some things to look out for:

  • You can start and stop your LocalStack instance and see the instance status.
  • You can view log information from your LocalStack instance.
  • You can verify the running services and their status on the service page.
  • You can see runtime and environment information on the information page.

Navigate to our documentation to better understand how to use LocalStack Cockpit.

What’s next?

We’re excited to share the preview version of LocalStack Cockpit with you, while we work on iterating further, adding new features, fixing bugs and helping your LocalStack workflow become as seamless as possible. We are planning to extend the functionality over the initial version, over the next couple of months - stay tuned!

You can read more about our product on the LocalStack Cockpit product page and send us your bug reports, feature requests and your general feedback on our GitHub repository. We’re looking forward to getting your feedback!

Stay in the loop

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