Announcing LocalStack Discussion Pages

Introducing, LocalStack's Community Discussion Pages - a space for conversations, feedback and suggestions around the LocalStack platform!

What a journey — we are delighted to see our LocalStack community grow across GitHub, Slack and social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn on a daily basis. We receive lots of valuable feedback from our users, ranging from new feature requests for the LocalStack platform, bug reports, enhancements and code contributions from various developers distributed across our user base.

To better collaborate with our community and create a space where LocalStack users can share experiences and discuss topics in a discoverable manner, we are excited to introduce the all-new LocalStack Discussion Pages.

With LocalStack Discussion Pages we want to engage with our community members, listen to your feedback, and create a space where best answers to recurring questions and discussion topics can be located and extended. While our existing Slack community is limited to taking bug reports and feature requests and to quickly collaborate on technical topics with our users, our Discussion Pages will allow developers to directly share experiences and best practices with the broader community, give us feedback, join the discussions on our existing platform and products, and shape the future direction of LocalStack.

Participating in LocalStack Discussions

The LocalStack Discussion Pages will be the dedicated place to discuss topics, best practices, and questions related to:

  • Discussions and announcements about LocalStack Pro, Team, Enterprise, and Community releases.
  • Useful LocalStack tips, tricks, and best practices for developing your cloud & serverless applications locally.
  • Contributing to the LocalStack Community codebase and steering the development of our open-source projects.
  • Giving constructive feedback about the LocalStack platform and our future roadmap, as well as how our team can better support you in increasing your developer experience with our products and services!

However, LocalStack Discussion Pages will not be a place for ad-hoc reports or support requests; Please connect with our support team on Slack for real-time support which requires quick resolution and iteration cycles with our team or the community. For error and bug reports related to our codebase, please create a GitHub issue on our open-source GitHub Issue tracker. Discussion Pages will be the best place for general feature requests, best practice and usage related questions, and should serve as a comprehensive archive useful to the growing community over time.

Create an account on and discuss away!

Getting started with LocalStack Discuss

If you are new to Discourse, consider looking at Discourse New User guide, which provides intuitive tips to use the pages, text formatting, images, hyperlinks, and more!

Our Discussion Pages has an initial selection of categories which we can adjust over time:

  • Announcements: Announcing LocalStack features, product updates, and any upcoming news we want to notify our broader community about!
  • Feature Requests: Requests for new features or suggestions to improve the existing ones!
  • Platform: Questions and feedback on the core product, workflows, integration, documentation, and more!
  • Wizards: Share your LocalStack use cases and workflows, best practices, and suggestions for improving the dev & test loop for the next generation of cloud and serverless developers!

To ensure that you are up-to-date with the latest around LocalStack, we will also send you notifications about LocalStack Discussion Pages via email! You can edit your email preferences and define how often you want to receive emails. We suggest you mute any topic or category that doesn’t interest you for a clutter-free mailbox!


LocalStack is growing rapidly, and Discourse will help us scale community interaction. We will also use the Discourse community to share updates on our product and to communicate the roadmap. We are looking forward to be working closely with our growing community and engaging via Discussion Pages on all the exciting topics and updates that are upcoming.

Let’s work together to create a superb developer experience and make cloud development fun! 🚀

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