Introducing LocalStack Desktop Application for local cloud development & testing

Get started with the new Desktop Application to seamlessly manage your LocalStack container while developing, testing, and debugging your cloud & serverless applications.

We are excited to announce that we have released an all-new Desktop Application to make cloud development with LocalStack a breeze! The Desktop application underscores our unwavering commitment to make LocalStack accessible for our users, who would like to use a local cloud sandbox for development, testing, and experimentation, and truly embrace the inner dev loop. LocalStack enables users to control, manage, and visualize over 80+ emulated AWS cloud services, running entirely on your local machine.

Image of LocalStack Desktop Application showcasing the local AWS Resource Browsers

What’s new?

Last year, we released LocalStack Cockpit — our first iteration towards building a fully integrated desktop client to control, access, and manage LocalStack with a click of a button. We received a lot of feedback from the community during the preview phase, and after spending months working on it, we formulated a new product for our users to use LocalStack more efficiently.

To further streamline our product offering, we’ve made the decision to deprecate LocalStack Cockpit for new users. Going forward, we will help migrate our existing users and get our new users started with to the LocalStack Desktop Application.

Image of LocalStack Desktop Application showcasing the running containers

The new LocalStack Desktop Application features an improved user experience, with a local Resource Browser available for 30+ AWS services. It also features an intuitive way to manage your LocalStack container and view LocalStack logs through an easy-to-use interface.

Image of LocalStack Desktop Application showcasing the LocalStack logs

Download it for free and get started!

What’s next?

For us, this is just the beginning. Stay tuned as we deliver many planned improvements over the next few weeks to make it even easier to build, test, and debug cloud & serverless applications. We have received great feedback from some of our existing users which is a testament to our commitment towards our community and users.

It also sets the stage for us as we approach the next major release for LocalStack, where we aim to make our cloud emulator tooling accessible and open up our cloud development platform to the world.

Share your feedback with us on our Discuss Forum so we can continue improving our local cloud developer experience. You can explore new features on our documentation or request a demo to understand how to deploy your AWS infrastructure 10x faster locally and on CI with LocalStack!

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